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Archive for December 2009

Some Key Principles of Food and Wine Matching

I was hoping to launch a series of food and wine blog entries with one on wines for Christmas Dinner. I seem to have missed the boat on that, so instead we begin with a few key non-technical principles that I find useful when trying to pick the right wine for food.

- Treat the wine as a sauce or condiment
This can be very useful. Take a very citrussy wine like a dry Riesling or Picpoul de Pinet from the Languedoc region. These have a good chance of matching foods that would take a squeeze of lemon – such as seafood. A sweeter (to cope with the heat) Riesling makes a great match for tandoori dishes, as several visits to Tayab’s in Whitechapel have confirmed. Similarly a peach laden Viognier can be really good with pate, pork dishes and chicken.

- Go local
In other words buy a wine from the revelant region. So if you’re cooking a gutsy Tuscan classic, buy a Chianti; it will probably work.

- Sauvignon Blanc is a good allrounder
If you’re going to dinner and have no idea what’s being cooked, consider taking a Kiwi sauvignon Blanc. A bit heavy for some fish dishes but gebnerally fine. Great with dishes with a touch of chili eg Thai crab cakes, due to its fruitiness and the fact it has the same chemical compounds as capsicums – this also makes it great with goat’s cheese. Fine also with green leaf salad (due to its herbaceousness)

…and finally a bit of a cop-out….

- Google it
If you can’t get to bottle apostle to endure a 20 minute lecture, try googling “moussaka wine pairing” or “osso bucco wine match” and so on. You’ll probably find more than enough suggestions.


Christmas / New Year — Opening Times

Monday 21 Dec. 2009 10:00—21:00
Tuesday 22 Dec. 2009 10:00—21:00
Wednesday 23 Dec. 2009 10:00—21:00
Thursday 24 Dec. 2009 10:00—19:00
Friday 25 Dec. 2009 closed
Saturday 26 Dec. 2009 closed
Sunday 27 Dec. 2009 closed
Monday 28 Dec. 2009 closed
Tuesday 29 Dec. 2009 12:00—21:00
Wednesday 30 Dec. 2009 12:00—21:00
Thursday 31 Dec. 2009 12:00—21:00
Friday 1 Jan. 2010 closed
Saturday 2 Jan. 2010 10:00—20:00
Sunday 3 Jan. 2010 10:00—18:00
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Wine Tasting Events for 2010

We’ve had loads of requests for more dates for tutored wine tasting events so that people can book places as gifts. Your wish is my command!

We already have the following with tickets still available:

  • Thurs Jan 7th 8pm £15 – New Year Beer: An Introductory Tasting
  • Thurs Jan 28th 8pm £30 – Cellar Workshop: Collecting and Ageing Wine

The new wine tasting events are as follows:

  • Wed Feb 3rd 8pm £25 – A Proper Cheese and Wine Evening
  • Thurs Feb 11th 8pm £25 – An Introduction to Port
  • Wed Feb 17th 8pm £25 – How to Taste Wine (our introductory tasting)
  • Thurs Feb 25th 8pm £40 – An Introduction to Champagne
  • Wed March 10th 8pm £35 – Chateauneuf and Beyond: Wines of the Rhone Valley
  • Thurs March 18th £35 – Cognac and Armagnac
  • Wed March 24th £40 – Fine red wines of Tuscany

To book places, please ring us on 020 8985 1549, or email

We will also be adding a series of supper club evenings once dates are confirmed with caterers.


Bottle Apostle wine tasting event at Bistrotheque

Tuesday 8th December at 6pm

Bottle Apostle will be hosting a free wine tasting event in the Napoleon Bar on Tuesday 8th December from 6pm.

Open to both Bistrotheque customers and members of staff it will a be chance to learn more about specific grapes and regions, and to try some delicious wines.

Bistrotheque 23-27 Wadeson Street, London, E2 9DR

Please email to let them know if you’ll be coming along.

Credit cards accepted