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Archive for October 2012

I`d rather be drinking Champagne!

Mid October this year, Mckinley Vintners supplier- Guy, Andrew, Philippe- and Gosset Champagne ( the oldest Wine house in Champagne) organized a delightful trip with some of us from the wine trade to lovely Reims. Sight seeing,  Michelin star restaurant with surprising food and champagne complementing each other. 

I`ve been a Gosset fan since I first started working in the trade where the taste of the marvelous Gosset Grand Reserve seduced my palate forever.
Gosset Celebris 1998, on the other hand did not take a previous refined liking to my palate. Today however, Gosset Celebris is definitely an experience for me. A good one:  rich, very dry, buttery with tiny and delicate bubbles (a characteristic from an older vintage champagne). It suited the " Confit de Canard" we had one evening perfectly.
There is always a first time for everything and this was the case for the refined Gosset Blancs de Blancs! A creamy texture perfectly balanced with a great freshness that leaves you begging for more. 
From the rose range we had Grand Rose Brut and Celebris 2003. Grand Rose Brut is very delicate, refreshing and refined whilst the Rose Celebris 2003 is full of character with a pleasant nose. Both would compliment a delicate fruit dessert admirably.
This lovely adventure was completed with the new Gosset vintage 2004 that should be around the UK in the following months. It's definately worth a try... Especially if you are patient enough to wait few years before opening it.
Reims, after all, is not all about Champagne. Believe it or not, there are many visitors that go to Reims because of it's history, particularly in both I and II World War. The Cathedral of Reims (damaged by the Germans during the First World War  but restored since) played the same role in France as Westminster Abbey has in the United Kingdom.
Our guide, the lovely Phillipe from Gosset pointed out to us that  many of the buildings were destroyed during the war and many of the house`s walls still have bullet holes. This goes to in the underground celler at the Gosset premises too.
An awesome adventure and great company. Champagne region is a spot-on destination, for Champagne's sake or not.  
Cheers! Salut! Saude!
Livia Nobre Sardao



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