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Archive for September 2013

We parked, we poured, and we (one of us) burned…


On Sunday, 7 enthusiastic independent wine merchants rolled into to Netil Market, hit the parking brake and joined to help put on London's first ever WINE C4R BOOT. 


Calling this event a success is an understatement. For six straight hours, visitors (from all across London) crowded to sample unique wines, eat at some of East London’s top foodstalls, as well as buy their favourite wines of the day. It was non-stop and just the way we like it.


Standing in-front of our unofficial Bottle Apostle car, we were swamped from the start until the very last beer (don’t tell anyone) was sold. Rumours of our ever-popular Contacto Alvarinho, Sequillo Red and cheeky red Lambrusco quickly spread around the market. Of course this meant that we spent the next 6 hrs stuffing our cooler with Contacto, and popping corks to ensure all the out-stretched arms were getting a sample of “that killer red sparkling my friend told me about”. A great day for Lambruscos everywhere!


Of course those weren’t the only wines we opened that day. We had a comprehensive line-up of wines with an obvious Portuguese focus. Lucky Wine C4R Boot visitors got to sample:


Contacto Alvarinho 2012 (£17)

Maias Dão Branco 2012 (£11)

Vinha dos Santos Douro 2011 (£12.50)

Sequillo Malmesbury Red 2010 (£22)

Lambrusco Pruno Nero (£14)


We hope that everyone had as much fun as we did on Sunday. The event got so much press that even the sun decided to make an appearance! Hopefully there will be many more WINE C4R BOOTs to come, and you better we sure we’ll be parked and ready to pour for each one!


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