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Archive for October 2013

Back-to-back suppers


We welcomed chefs Ben Morgan and Edoardo Pellicano last week for two evenings of creativity, entertainment and some incredible dishes. Both sold out evenings saw guests arrive to a complete blind tasting menu with wine pairings provided by yours truly. Currently refining their talents at East London’s Michelin-starred Viajante Restaurant, Ben & Eddy really played with texture, varying cooking methods and more importantly showed us that evenings like this can simply be fun! Other than full stomachs, each guest left with a memorable poloroid with one dish from the evening with a hand-written menu by the chefs...a great touch to remember the night!

We were all wowed by the level of detail and breadth of skill Ben and Eddie brought to the evenings, and so glad these two could join our ever-growing series of supper clubs. Here's an quick look at what we tasted/poured:



Chicken and ramen

Salsify cream

Salsify with lemon and sorrel

Cigar smoked Sourdough with whisky butter


Bowl of Cereal

Vouvray Petillant Brut 2007, Domaine Huet | Loire Vally, France


Mackerel with watercress and plums

Vermentinu Clos Culombu 2012, Etienne Suzzoni  Corsica, France


Pumpkin, pine and cookies

Nero di Lupo 2012, COS | Sicily, Italy


Bream with sour cherries and green apple

Von blauem Schiefer Reserve 2010, Weingut Heymann-Lowenstein | Mosel Valley, Germany


Kale and nori (snack)


Lamb belly, peanut mole and turnips

Red 2010, Donovan Rall | Swartland, South Africa



Root beer and white bean

Burgenland Auslese 2009, Umathum | Burgenland, Austria

Vanilla and beetroot 

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