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Archive for March 2014

Meet Elin

If you've noticed a few new faces around our shops you're not going crazy. For the next 3 months we'll have the pleasant company of Elin whos's flown all the way from Sweden to bring us all this lovely warm weather. Here's a little msg from our new intern:

"Hi all you winelovers out there. I’m Elin and I have come all the way from Sweden to do my internship with the crew at Bottle Apostle. When I’m not here in London working in the shops and meeting you guys I’m studying culinary art and meal science with focus to be a Sommelier at home in Sweden. I am doing my second year out of three and feel like I have picked the best education to study sense wine is, in my personal opinion, the best beverage ever, both on it’s own and most certainly with food. Right now I have a fling for the wonderful grape Pinot Noir and I hope you will to after coming to my tasting with some old world vs new world Pinot. It’s going to be interesting, and who does not want to try some nice lighter reds when summer is getting nearer? I will be in all of the shops so come visit us and say hi."

See you in the sunlight


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