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Bottle Apostle, Crouch End

49 Park Road
Crouch End
N8 8SY
020 8347 7577
Opening Times
Mon—Thurs: 11am—8pm
Friday: 11am—9pm
Saturday: 10am—8pm
Sunday: 10am—6pm

About the wine shop

We opened the Crouch End Bottle Apostle wine shop in early 2012. With few areas in London offering a village feeling, we were drawn to Crouch End, which has that unique impression of a small village yet it’s only in North London’s N8. Like our East London branch, it is surrounded by many other independent businesses, and similarly we aim to offer the same friendly, approachable and informative service in both shops. If we have a bad day and slip-up on offering you this, do let us know!

Wine Tasting Events

In Crouch End our tastings are casual, informal and held right in-store. Much like our other shops, we offer various tasting events specific to our wines as well as beer and spirit tastings. Events can range from introductory “How to Taste Wine” events to specific food-related themes such as the “Wines & Cheeses of Piemonte”. As a rule, we always aim to work with nearby restaurants and local food talent to source ingredients of exceptional quality for all our events. In addition to our themed events, we also host informal free tastings every Friday evening from 4 – 8pm. Be sure to sign-up to our newsletter for all the up-to-date news on upcoming events and free tastings available near you.

What’s in the Enomatics

  • 2012 Demuth Vineyard Pinot Noir - Anderson Valley £2.50
  • 2016 Sauvignon Blanc £0.80
  • 2014 Koniglicher Lindenblattriger £1.45
  • 2014 Tinto Reserva £1.55
  • 2015 Kreuznacher Kahlenberg Trocken £1.70
  • 2014 Il Fait Soif £1.05
  • 2015 Gruner Veltliner Langenlois £1.20
  • 2015 Greco di Tufo £1.45
  • 2015 Cyrus One £1.25
  • 2015 Stein und Krems £1.25
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