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The craft beer scene moves at a pretty fast pace. For the most up-to-date selection, please visit our in-store range. Alternatively, all our Discovery Cases include a combination of each brewery's tried and tested staples and a selection of current special releases. We always offer 10% off any 12 beers/ciders so sit back and enjoy!

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Coldharbour Lager (6-pack)

Coldharbour Lager (6-pack)Brixton Brewery


Low-Alcohol Lager 0.5% (6-pack)

Low-Alcohol Lager 0.5% (6-pack)Big Drop Brewing Co.


Eric Bordelet Sidre Brut

Eric Bordelet Sidre BrutEric Bordelet


Lazer Crush 0.3% IPA (6-pack)

Lazer Crush 0.3% IPA (6-pack)Beavertown Brewery


Keller Lager (6-pack)

Keller Lager (6-pack)Braybrooke Beer Co.


Low-Alcohol Citra IPA (6-pack)

Low-Alcohol Citra IPA (6-pack)Big Drop Brewing Co.


Cidre de Normandie Brut 4.5%

Cidre de Normandie Brut 4.5%Christian Drouin


Helles (6-pack)

Helles (6-pack)Braybrooke Beer Co.


Zed Alcohol Free Pale (6-pack)

Zed Alcohol Free Pale (6-pack)Hammerton Brewery


Bones Lager (6-pack)

Bones Lager (6-pack)Beavertown Brewery


Pils (6-pack)

Pils (6-pack)Braybrooke Beer Co.


Discovery 6-pack // Drop Project

Discovery 6-pack // Drop Project


Wine Style Guide
Lighter dry wines
Aromatic + off-dry to medium-dry whites
Rich + oaked whites
Sweet + dessert wines
Lighter-bodied reds
Structured, classic reds
Full-bodied, rich reds