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Drop Project Brewing

Mitcham-based Drop Project Brewing joins us in Clapham Abbeville to for a free tasting on Thursday 13th June betwen 4:30 - 7:30pm.

DPB's green mandate has been central to everything they do. With an eco-conscious mindset, they are attempting to create as little a negative impact on the world as possible when brewing. Spent grain is recycled into local agricultural as animal feed and recently reduced C02 usage in the brewery by 90%. They have a one tree one brew policy, where they have committed to planting a tree for every batch brewed. At their Mitcham Taproom, every 100 pints you drink, they plant one tree.

You'll taste why we're so happy to work with eco-conscious breweries like DPB, who churn out some of the most delicious beers in our range!

Was Free Event
Free Event
  • Shops:
    Clapham Abbeville Village
  • Start Date:
    Thursday 13th June at 4:30pm
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