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Exploring Bordeaux Blends

Bordeaux, Tuscany, California & More

Bordeaux. The name alone conjures images of fine wine and majestic Chateaux but what about its wider influence? Winemakers around the world have been inspired by the wines from Bordeaux. Many have either tried to emulate them or used some of the same techniques to add lustre to their own wines. We will be tasting wines from Bordeaux side by side with amazing wines from Tuscany to Yarra Valley, to Napa and beyond whilst we talk about the history of Bordeaux and its impact on the world of wine.

Light food will be provided to accompany the wines and the usual attractive discounts will be offered on the night. Cancellation within a week of the event will not be refunded should the places remain unfilled, which we will endeavour to do. 
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    Crouch End
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    Wednesday 22nd January at 7:30pm
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