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Aperivito Time

Gift Set

Start any celebration (or weekend) with a sophisticated aperitivo.  Pour a glug of the orange aperitivo, top with some good quality Prosecco and then a few drops of orange bitters for the final flourish.


1 x Berto Aperitivo, Quaglia 1L 

A citrus spiced aperitivo infused with fresh orange peel, gentian root and rhubarb.  

2 x Prosecco Brut San Salvatore, Conte Collalto 75cl

Vibrant and fresh Prosecco, with fragrant white pear flesh and good depth of flavour through the finish. 

1 x Orange Bitters, By the Dutch 5cl

Complex spicy bitter, with predominant orange peel and wormwood, cardamom, coriander and nutmeg.


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