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IPA Case

12 Craft Beers

Our weekly selection of super hopped, fruity IPA's:

  • 2 x Brew by Numbers No.5 IPA Mosaic 6.2% 44cl
  • 2 x Wild Card Vibe Check NEIPA 6.1% 44cl
  • 2 x Burnt Mill Diamond WCIPA 6.4% 44cl
  • 2 x Siren Scene Stealer IPA 6% 44cl
  • 2 x The Goodness Yes! Session IPA 4.5% 44cl
  • 2 x Exale Oona NEIPA 5.8% 44cl 

All beers are subject to availability. In the event that a beer is unavailable, it will be replaced with an appropriate alternative of similar value.


Crates of 12
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£47.00 inc. VAT
  • Origin:
  • Type:
    Mixed Beer Case
  • Beer Style:
    Pale Ales and IPA's
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