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We love sake at Bottle Apostle and want you to drink it at its best. We store our sake in the fridge and ask you to put it straight in the fridge when you receive your delivery to keep it in good condition.  If you want to serve your sake warm, you can just heat it up to order, bain marie style.  

During warm weather we ask that you only order sake for delivery to London postcodes as there is a risk that deliveries further afield may spend longer in transit and get too warm.

Thank you and Kanpai!

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Michisakari - 'Aperitif' - Junmai Daiginjo Koshu 30cl

Michisakari - 'Aperitif' - Junmai Daiginjo Koshu 30clMichisakari Brewery


Masumi Okuden Kantsukuri Junmai Sake 30cl

Masumi Okuden Kantsukuri Junmai Sake 30clMiyasaka


Oka Ginjo Sake 30cl

Oka Ginjo Sake 30clDewazakura


Koshiki Junzukuri Junmai Sake 30cl

Koshiki Junzukuri Junmai Sake 30clAkitabare


Tedorigawa Yamahai Daiginjo Sake 30cl

Tedorigawa Yamahai Daiginjo Sake 30clYoshida Brewery


Keigetsu Gin-no-Yume Junmai Daiginjo 30cl

Keigetsu Gin-no-Yume Junmai Daiginjo 30clTosa Brewing Company


Keigetsu Yuzu Sake 30cl

Keigetsu Yuzu Sake 30clTosa Brewing Company


Tobiroku Sparkling Nigori Sake 30cl

Tobiroku Sparkling Nigori Sake 30clDewazakura


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