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Blanc de Noirs Grand Cru Extra Brut

Paul Dethune

This is a fascinating cuvee made with 30% reserve wine from 40 vintages aged in oak. 100% Ambonnay Pinot Noir, intense but elegant, with hints of the oak it aged in coming through in very gentle vanilla spice notes. Plenty of subtle complexity, and a lot of wine for the money. Limited stock. 

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Was £63.00
£63.00 inc. VAT
  • Origin:
    France / Champagne
  • Colour:
    White, Sparkling
  • Year:
  • Style Guide:
    Rich and Oaked Whites
  • Production:
    Minimal vineyard treatments
  • Grapes:
    Pinot Noir
  • Type:
  • Bottle Size:
  • Closure:
  • A.B.V.:
  • Style:
    Dry, deep, fine
  • Food:
    Pastry-based hors d'oeuvres
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