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Chateau la Borie

A welcome change from some of the 'larger than life' Cotes-du-Rhones you see a lot of nowadays. That said, this wine definitely does not lack in flavour, with a wonderful mix of red and black fruit notes, and a touch of grip on the palate - a quintessential Rhone that would be a marvellous addition to any dinner table. |nc|

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Was £18.30
£18.30 inc. VAT
  • Origin:
    France / Rhone - South
  • Colour:
  • Style Guide:
    Structured Classic Reds
  • Production:
    Non-certified Organic
  • Type:
  • Bottle Size:
  • Closure:
  • A.B.V.:
  • Year:
  • Grapes:
    Cinsault 5%, Grenache 40%, Syrah 55%
  • Food:
    Roast pork ribs with a sticky marmalade glaze
  • Style:
    Balanced, fresh, and versatile
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