Clapham Abbeville Village

Bottle Apostle, Clapham

Opened in March 2014, we're delighted to call Abbeville Village home to our third Bottle Apostle wine shop. Similar to our Hackney and Crouch End locations, Clapham has a strong community focused on supporting its local independents which we're ecstatic to be a part of. As always, we'll strive to bring an eclectic selection of wines with the same degree of informative service paired with a friendly, approachable environment.

Bottle Apostle Clapham Abbeville Village

59 Abbeville Road, Clapham, London SW4 9JW

020 3376 1447


Opening Hours

Monday              11am – 7pm
Tuesday              11am – 7pm
Wednesday       11am – 8pm
Thursday            11am – 8pm
Friday                  11am – 8pm
Saturday            10am – 8pm
Sunday              10am – 6pm

**Holiday Hours**

Monday             18 Dec               10am – 8pm
Tuesday             19 Dec               10am – 8pm
Wednesday     20 Dec               10am – 8pm
Thursday           21 Dec               10am – 8pm
Friday                22 Dec                 9am – 8pm
Saturday           23 Dec                 9am – 8pm
Sunday             24 Dec                 9am – 6pm
Monday            25 Dec                   CLOSED
Tuesday            26 Dec                   CLOSED
Wednesday     27 Dec                   CLOSED
Thursday          28 Dec                11am – 8pm
Friday                29 Dec                11am – 8pm
Saturday          30 Dec               10am – 8pm
Sunday             31 Dec                 9am – 6pm (varies by shop)
Monday              1 Jan                     CLOSED
Tuesday             2 Jan                     CLOSED

Upcoming Events

Vault Aperitivo (Clapham)

Vault Aperitivo (Clapham)09/12 at 2:00pm



French & Italian Classics (Clapham Abbeville Village)

French & Italian Classics (Clapham Abbeville Village)15/12 at 4:00pm



Alps to Islands (Clapham)

Alps to Islands (Clapham)16/12 at 2:00pm



Fine Wine Showcase - Abbeville Village, Clapham

Fine Wine Showcase - Abbeville Village, Clapham31/01 at 8:00pm




Ros started working with wine because she wanted to be around cheerful people and decided that most people are in a pretty good mood when they are buying wine. She started off at Majestic for 6 years where she did her WSET Advanced and developed her passion for wine. Since joining Bottle Apostle her interest in Portuguese wines has grown and grown alongside her fondness of craft beer.  


Angharad ‘fell into’ the wine world by accident while at university and hasn’t looked back since. While she’s a self confessed ‘magpie’ for wines from countries less associated with wine production, she’s happy to discuss her favourite subject (wine) with anyone. Outside of this, you’ll find her watching an Ospreys match, or listening to music from any genre - from opera, to techno, to RuPaul’s iconic ‘Don’t Be Jealous of My Boogie’!


Marion’s interest in wine comes from a long time ago when she wondered ‘how can we obtain this from a fruit?’. Curiosity was also enhanced by her parents; when you are French, you tend to try wine when you are young, just by ‘dipping your little finger in it’. She studied wine in France and has recently passed her WSET level 3. Marion’s favourite wines are from Burgundy, Provence (where she is from) and South Africa. When not selling wine, you will find her mostly near a sewing machine, where she loves to create historical clothes or costumes from movies.

Wine Style Guide
Lighter dry wines
Aromatic + off-dry to medium-dry whites
Rich + oaked whites
Sweet + dessert wines
Lighter-bodied reds
Structured, classic reds
Full-bodied, rich reds