Privacy Policy

Bottle Apostle Privacy Policy

Bottle Apostle is committed to respecting your privacy. We do not disclose any of the information provided by you to any third parties.

When you order from the Bottle Apostle online shop or register on the website your name and e-mail address are stored on our system, as are your purchase history and any comments, ratings or 'favourite' products. If you order a product online we will also save your postal address (for delivery) and phone number (to contact you in case of a problem with your order). We do not store any credit card information.

If you order a product or register with us online you will also receive our email newsletter. You may also have elected to subscribe to our newsletter without making a purchase by giving us your email address in one of our shops. Our email newsletter is generally not sent out more than once per week and contains news about upcoming events, product offers and other news about the Bottle Apostle Group. If you would like to stop receiving the newsletter at any time simply click ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of any such email.

If you have any questions relating to privacy matters please contact us by email at

Wine Style Guide
Lighter dry wines
Aromatic + off-dry to medium-dry whites
Rich + oaked whites
Sweet + dessert wines
Lighter-bodied reds
Structured, classic reds
Full-bodied, rich reds