Chris escaped the hotel business in 2001 to live in Australia, where he gained wine experience in the Hunter Valley before heading back to Europe for a Wine MBA. After managing the company and being sole buyer for ten years he bought the company from Andrew, its founder, in October 2020. His deep fondness for the wines of Portugal, Austria, and the USA explains the focus Bottle Apostle has in these countries.


Ros started working with wine because she wanted to be around cheerful people and decided that most people are in a pretty good mood when they are buying wine. She started off at Majestic for 6 years where she did her WSET Advanced and developed her passion for wine. Since joining Bottle Apostle her interest in Portuguese wines has grown and grown alongside her fondness of craft beer.  


Eleanor's love affair with wine began while living in Seville, Spain. Wanting to explore beyond the typical bar offerings of Rioja or Ribero del Duero, she discovered a local wine shop which hosted wine tastings. These evenings opened her eyes to the diveristy that Spanish wine has to offer from the complexities of Sherry to vibrant Galician whites to her absolute favourite, Priorat.
She is now studying for WSET Diploma and, although Spanish wines will always have a place in her heart, she has developed a soft spot for Grower Champagne and Burgundy. 
Since starting at Bottle Apostle she has really learned to appreciate the intricacies of Italian red and has developed an interest in Craft Beer.



Being raised by a Venetian family meant that a bottle of wine (or more) were pretty much ever present on the table and with the closest winery less than 2 miles away, the path into a profession involving wine was scripted. After his studies Michael left Italy and worked in hospitality in the UK and other countries, before shifting his career from restaurants to the wine shops. He loves red wines from Tuscany and Priorat, whites from Germany and Alsace and also has a soft spot for whisky.


Angharad ‘fell into’ the wine world by accident while at university and hasn’t looked back since. While she’s a self confessed ‘magpie’ for wines from countries less associated with wine production, she’s happy to discuss her favourite subject (wine) with anyone. Outside of this, you’ll find her watching an Ospreys match, or listening to music from any genre - from opera, to techno, to RuPaul’s iconic ‘Don’t Be Jealous of My Boogie’!


Christian grew up in the Thermenregion, a beautiful wine region just south of Vienna, picking grapes as a teenager to top up his pocket money. Many decades later, having gained experience selecting and importing wine from Austria for the restaurant trade in the UK, Christian joined Bottle Apostle while pursuing the wine diploma at the WSET. Based mainly in Crouch End and Primrose Hill, he will tell you about his passion for Riesling, fruity reds and dessert wines – and not necessarily all from Austria! His long term dream is to own a vineyard in Greece.



JR’s love for wine began whilst exploring Canadian and other new world wines whilst living in North America, but it quickly grew into his main passion after his exposure to the wine societies and fine college cellars during his studying at Oxford and Cambridge. Well versed in new world and French wines, JR has been increasingly interested by the more ‘off-piste’ regions and styles – Georgian and Uruguayan reds, as well as orange wines and Pet-Nats. 


Originally from Belfast, Ray moved to London in 1979. He holds a BA Architecture, lived a previous life as a band roadie and is married with two daughters. Being no stranger to the road, Ray now commands the Bottle Apostle van distributing our wonderful wines to restaurants and your front door. He drives London's streets like he owns them - what a boss! He also claims he has no wine knowledge, but we've noticed the man has a soft spot for Barolo, so he can't be too far off.


Bob visits us from Sheffield (yes Sheffield) once a week to balance the books. He's personally responsible for keeping the local kebab shop in business!

Wine Style Guide
Lighter dry wines
Aromatic + off-dry to medium-dry whites
Rich + oaked whites
Sweet + dessert wines
Lighter-bodied reds
Structured, classic reds
Full-bodied, rich reds