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Andrew’s early appreciation of wine was a love-hate relationship. He loved the wine but hated the snobbish, intimidating atmosphere of most wine shops. If you don’t have the knowledge, you are often made to feel uncomfortable rather than just excited about tasting new wines. So Andrew went to wine courses to gain that knowledge, then opened his own shop to cater to novices and aficionados alike. Since then Bottle Apostle has gone from strength to strength, including the Young Turks dinner in the Hempel Hotel, an array of great chefs hosting Supper Clubs in our cellar and the Telegraph Magazine’s award for Best Small Wine Shop 2011. His favourite wines? Italian whites and Corsican reds.


Chris escaped the hotel business 16 years ago to live in Australia, where he gained wine experience in the Hunter Valley before heading back to Europe for a Wine MBA. He looks after our shops and all aspects of the company, having run other specialist merchants in London. His deep fondness for the wines of Portugal and Austria explains the focus Bottle Apostle has in these countries.


Ros started working with wine because she wanted to be around cheerful people and decided that most people are in a pretty good mood when they are buying wine. She started at Majestic 6 years ago where she did her WSET Advanced and developed her passion for Spanish wines, in particular aged Riojas and Ribera del Dueros. Now she has moved on to exploring the wonders of Italian wine and is also really into her Port. She loves music too so there are always some good tunes floating about the shop.


Growing up in Hungary it was inevitable to develop a soft spot for wine – especially Tokaji (which in Laz's opinion is still the greatest wine EVER). He's been visiting vineyards from a tender age, helping with harvests (they know how to organise elementary school trips back in the day!). After getting a degree in Food Engineering, a multitude of job and countries followed, going the full circle, back into wine. Long years in the London hospitality scene, many inspiring teachers, and various courses, he just loves to imbibe in the world of wine. His absolute faves are from Hungary, Austria, Germany, and the gems of the former Eastern block countries.


With the nearest vineyard being well over 1000 miles away, growing up in an industrial city in the Urals involved very little wine culture if any at all. It took many years working in various hospitality sectors in London to go down the WSET route, meeting some amazing people along the way. Most recently, working at Borough market definitely gave her an outlet for her foodie interests, even attempting to make her own cheese and wine before deciding that those jobs are better left to the professionals. Particularly unbiased with her wine choices, she prefers anything that is well made and fits in the moment: Godello on a sunny day or Cahors with a rump steak.


Vincenzo hails from Naples in Italy where he studied hospitality while studying, although he has always been into wine. He grew up drinking wine with his family sourced from local farmers around Mount Vesuvius; as a child, they were allowed a small sip on big Sunday lunches. He enjoys red wines and his favourites are, of course, Italian wines, from various Italian regions: Taurus, Chianti, Barolo and Cannonau di Sardegna, in particular. In London, he likes to try new wines, his favourite being the one he hasn't tasted yet! 


Charlie began his journey in wine by cooking for his father, who insisted if he was cooking nice food he would serve good wine to go with it. His first and most enduring love is the Southern Rhone. Before joining us at Bottle Apostle, Charlie worked for nearly 4 years at Bibendum restaurant where the 700 odd wines on the list covered most regions. In 2016 he took a break and spent 6 months exploring as many wine regions in Australia as he could.


Filipe originally hails from Madeira, Portugal. He loves Italian and Port wines and has visited many wineries in Italy and the Douro and enjoys knowing the story behind the label - in particular, the terroir and production. He has spent 5 years working in hospitality, mostly in wine bars that specialise in Italian wine. 


Amedeo was born among the vineyards of Valpolicella, the land of Amarone, and one of Italy’s best wine regions. He became a wine lover because of his mother, who used to tell him to avoid drinking cola during the meals and start sipping wine instead. After university, Amedeo began to work in the wine industry and went to London to broaden his horizons. As well as Amarone, he also loves Madeira, Etna wines and cool climate Syrah.


Originally from Belfast, Ray moved to London in 1979. He holds a BA Architecture, lived a previous life as a band roadie and is married with two daughters. Being no stranger to the road, Ray now commands the Bottle Apostle van distributing our wonderful wines to restaurants and your front door. He drives London's streets like he owns them - what a boss! He also claims he has no wine knowledge, but we've noticed the man has a soft spot for Barolo, so he can't be too far off.


Bob visits us from Sheffield (yes Sheffield) once a week to balance the books. He's personally responsible for keeping the local kebab shop in business!

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Aromatic + off-dry to medium-dry whites
Rich + oaked whites
Sweet + dessert wines
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