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Bottle Apostle, Crouch End

We opened the Crouch End Bottle Apostle wine shop in early 2012. With few areas in London offering a village feeling, we were drawn to Crouch End, which has that unique impression of a small village yet it’s only in North London’s N8. Like our East London branch, it is surrounded by many other independent businesses, and similarly we aim to offer the same friendly, approachable and informative service in both shops. If we have a bad day and slip-up on offering you this, do let us know!

Bottle Apostle,Crouch End

49 Park Road Crouch End London N8 8SY

020 8347 7577


Normal Opening Times:

Mon - Thurs: 11am - 8pm

Friday: 11am - 9pm

Sat: 10am - 8pm

Sun: 10am - 6pm

Upcoming Events

Mums of Crouch End

Mums of Crouch End25/04 at 12:00pm

Crouch End


The Way of Sake N8

The Way of Sake N810/05 at 4:00pm

Crouch End



Having grown up in Italy, Alex went to Hotel school and, after completing his diploma, decided to venture around the world from Bermuda to Australia via Miami, Asia and London discovering different cultures and cuisines and most of all listening and learning from great Sommeliers to discover their different styles and approach to customers. After 15 years, he joins Bottle Apostle to share his love of wines from all around the world. He does his best to try and drink a new wine (nearly) everyday but admits having a soft spot for the Nebbiolo grape and, in particular, Barolo - he blames his father who probably got it into his head at a young age!


Amedeo was born among the vineyards of Valpolicella, the land of Amarone, and one of Italy’s best wine regions. He became a wine lover because of his mother, who used to tell him to avoid drinking cola during the meals and start sipping wine instead. After university, Amedeo began to work in the wine industry and went to London to broaden his horizons. As well as Amarone, he also loves Madeira, Etna wines and cool climate Syrah.

Wine Styles Guide
Lighter dry wines
Aromatic + off-dry to medium-dry whites
Rich + oaked whites
Sweet + dessert wines
Lighter-bodied reds
Structured, classic reds
Full-bodied, rich reds