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Bottle Apostle, Returns information

Right to cancel

See Terms & Conditions (link at bottom of this page).

Sale or Return

Only full cases will be accepted and wines must be returned in their original cases. Up to 20% of your order can be returned free of charge, by prior agreement. If more than 20% is returned there will be a charge for collection of £3.50 (not including VAT) per case for the whole consignment, with a minimum charge of £12.00. Beers cannot be returned. Only stock that is a current stock item can be returned and stock must be returned within two months of original delivery. Stock must be in good condition. Goods delivered in error by Bottle Apostle will be collected free of charge. Collection must be authorised by a shop manager.

Damaged Goods

For goods damaged during delivery we will offer the customer a replacement or refund. Notification must be by telephone, post, fax or email within three working days of delivery.

Faulty Goods

If a wine is found to be corked or faulty we will be happy to offer a replacement or refund provided you contact us by telephone, post, fax or email within three working days of delivery. You may be required to return the unfinished bottle for inspection, with cost of shipping the wine back to us refundable when the wine is assessed as faulty.

Incorrect Goods Delivered

In the unusual event that we delivery the wrong goods to you, we will offer you a refund or replacement of the incorrect wine, on return of the bottle(s) in question. Notification must be by telephone, post, fax, or email within three working days of delivery. The shipping costs of returning the bottle(s) to us will be refunded.

In all the above cases please contact us with the details of items and quantities prior to arranging a return.


Cancellation requires one week's notice for a full ticket refund. 

For additional information please call 0208 985 1549 or e-mail



Maria's love for wine began when sharing good Falanghina and Greco with friends at university. After graduating in "Chinese studies" she moved from Italy to Beijing and then to London where she started to work in a tea company. After running many tea tastings she decided to get her WSET certifications and live fully the world of wine. Her favourites are big Amarone and Portuguese white wines.



A former BBC Multimedia Producer and a well-travelled tango dancer, Alya reshaped her career in journalism when her accidental wine tasting club started getting more participants than available venues could accommodate. Since then she worked at Berry Bros. & Rudd, Laithwaite’s and WSET, wrote about wine for Forbes and other publications. With MAs in Journalism and Script Writing, Alya shared her opinions as a full IWSC judge, hosted tastings in London, Hong Kong and Seoul and once taught a non-English speaker in China some handy French wine terms. In her spare time, Alya likes nothing more than playing her grand piano and enjoying a glass of Ruinart with a copy of the FT Weekend nearby.

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