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Bottle Apostle Victoria Park Village

Home to Bottle Apostle's very first shop, the doors opened at our Victoria Park Village location back in July 2009. This tightly knit community of independent businesses was the perfect place to plant our roots with the idea that a wine shop should cater as much to the wine novice as it does the season enthusiast. Nearly 15 years later, the approach has been welcomed by Londoners with three more locations opening across the city. We're a proud East London-based company and we hope you stop by to see why.

Bottle Apostle | Victoria Park Village

95 Lauriston Road, Hackney, London E9 7HJ 

020 8985 1549


Opening Hours

Monday              11am – 7pm
Tuesday              11am – 7pm
Wednesday       11am – 8pm
Thursday            11am – 8pm
Friday                  11am – 8pm
Saturday            10am – 8pm
Sunday              10am – 6pm

Upcoming Events

Siren Craft Brew (E9)

Siren Craft Brew (E9)30/06 at 2:00pm

Victoria Park Village


Vault Aperitivo (E9)

Vault Aperitivo (E9)06/07 at 2:00pm

Victoria Park Village


15th Birthday Bash

15th Birthday Bash13/07 at 10:00am

Victoria Park Village



While seeking work experience, George had the opportunity to spend a week working in Tain l'Hermitage. After a few years at uni studying physics, he decided that he would much rather be spending his time with wine so after some time bartending and working in restaurants he joined Bottle Apostle. Wine favourites are northern Rhone, cool climate Pinot Noir and pretty much anything Sicilian.

Tom C

Tom C

Tom hails from the craft beer world and moved into wine after arriving to London 3 years ago. Fitting that he’s joined us in the shop with the largest beer room. He’s passionate about low intervention wines and a big fan of the Austrian wine scene. When not in the shop, don’t be surprised if you see him cycling up London’s toughest hill climbs!


Angelo made the leap as an investment advisor in Montreal, Canada to a new adventure in London's wine scene. With a 5-year stint in finance, he's now navigating the intricate world of wines, bringing a global perspective to the table. He has a soft spot for wines with unique aromas, and the appeal grows if there's a subtle hint of coffee on the nose. His change is about savoring life's moments, appreciating the artistry in every bottle, and creating memorable experiences. Here's to embracing new beginnings, cherishing the aromatic symphony of wines, and toasting to a journey filled with discovery and celebration.

Wine Style Guide
Lighter dry wines
Aromatic + off-dry to medium-dry whites
Rich + oaked whites
Sweet + dessert wines
Lighter-bodied reds
Structured, classic reds
Full-bodied, rich reds