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Craft Beer Case

12 Craft Beers

Our weekly selection of 12 craft beers with 10% off:

  • Bianca Road Hay-Z Pale 5.5% 44cl
  • Lost & Grounded Dog Day Afternoon Kolsch 4.8% 44cl
  • Tart. Stone Fruit Sour 4.8% 33cl
  • Wild Card Ooh La La IPA 5.4% 44cl
  • Peak Drift Berry Crumble 5.5% 35.5cl
  • Exale 'Dinky' Micro IPA 2.8% 44cl
  • Queer Brewing Pride Pils 5.4% 44cl
  • Mad Squirrel 'Awaken' Hopfenweisse 5.5% 44cl
  • Drop Project 'Yard Sale' DIPA 8% 44cl
  • The Goodness 'Yes!' Session IPA 4.5% 44cl
  • Siren 'Serendipidy' Ruby Stout 7.4% 44cl
  • Burnt Mill 'Seven Acre' IPA 7% 44cl

All beers are subject to availability. In the event that a beer is unavailable, it will be replaced with an appropriate alternative of similar value.

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