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The Litre-bottle Party Case

Mixed case of 6 (1L bottles)

If you're a thirsty group, often that standard bottle doesn't last very long! So we've put together an essential case of drinkable, chillable and downright delicious 1-litre bottles to keep the wine flowing. 

  • 1x ‘Drink Me’ Nat Cool Branco, Niepoort, Portugal 1L - Delicate, dry fresh and unfiltered.
  • 1x Calcarius Nu Orange, Passalaqua, Italy 1L - Richly textured orange wine with lovely aromatic overtones.
  • 1x Nat Cool Tinto, Dao, Niepoort 1L - juicy dark fruit, super fresh, serve chilled.
  • 1x Fiasco, Monte Bernardi, Italy 1L - velvety Tuscan red with lush bright fruit.
  • 1x Tutti Giorni, Camillo, Italy 1L - easy, light-bodied and fruity red, party-in-a-bottle!
  • 1x Vermouth Bianco, Berto 17.5% 1L - yes it's vermouth!  Serve over ice with a slice of orange.

Pictures are indicative only. All wines are subject to availability. In the event that a wine is unavailable, wines will be replaced with an appropriate alternative of similar value.

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