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Calcarius Nu Orange Litr

Valentina Passalacqua

Vibrant orange in colour, and tasting as good as it looks. Excellent freshness, some palate grip, but not to a challenging degree. Broad citrus and stone fruit flavours, with a light hint of flower honey. Easy to like, and in a litre format. Limited stock. |O|B|

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  • Origin:
    Italy / Puglia
  • Style Guide:
    Aromatic and Off-dry to Medium-dry Whites
  • Production:
    Biodynamic, Certified Organic
  • Grapes:
  • Type:
  • A.B.V.:
  • Closure:
    Crown cap
  • Bottle Size:
  • Food:
    Grilled prawns
  • Style:
    Orange, dry, fragrant, light grip
  • Colour:
  • Year:
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